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This Kid Gambles With Life Every Time He Falls Asleep, With A Chance Of Never Breathing Again

Written by David Bow

Sleepless Nights

Sleep is the only time our brains can even catch a break after processing every information we encounter on a daily basis. And yet there are still tons of factors forcing your brain to wake up again, with one of the most common being the air itself! (Sleep apnea 2020)

Sleep apnea occurs when the muscles at the back of the throat suddenly relax during sleep and block off the airway. As a result, this causes the body to snore and jolt repeatedly in order to fix the obstruction.

The constant interruptions prevent our bodies from ever entering deep sleep; if left untreated, this could cause severe problems such as sleep deprivation, constant fatigue and increase blood pressure (Snoring - Symptoms and Causes, 2017)

Inner Workings Of Sleep

When the body enters deep sleep, our whole system starts functioning at a lower metabolism rate in order to conserve and refuel our energy. This is when neurons and nerves begin to reorganize information and strengthen their connections. Without sleep, however, the brain would not be able to fully process the data given, which leads to memory loss and poor focus. (Nunez & Lamoreux, 2020)

During deep sleep, our body would go into “repair mode”, producing hormones and proteins to fix damaged cells. The brain would also start flushing out toxins and releasing its cerebrospinal fluids through the lymphatic system; this is where the wastes will be collected from the body and transferred to the liver and kidneys. Without this waste disposal occurring, the accumulation of dead cells and toxins would end up causing various health problems. (Clearing out the Junk: Healthy Lifestyle Choices Boost Brain Waste Disposal, 2018)

Furthermore, sleep deprivation has a significant impact on the amygdala area of the brain, which serves as the brain's fear response system, measuring potential threats and reacting to them adaptively. However, the lack of sleep would overload it, causing it to become highly sensitive and overreactive. This directly compromises our ability to make logical decisions and judgements. (Peri, 2013)

However, using the power of nature, Cajeput is able to remedy and combat sleepless nights. With only a whiff of its scent, the chemical 1,8-cineole within it will be unleashed into the nasal passage with anti-inflammatory and self-healing elements. (U R, 2014)

This can be applied to prevent airway diseases and unwanted bacteria that would otherwise lead to inflammation, nasty infections and suffocating obstruction.

Another reason behind how Cajeput managed to stand above modern medicine would be the presence of beta-caryophylle; this is a chemical known for its pain-relieving element that goes deep into our nerves, allowing for the most optimal condition to rest our heads. (What Is Beta-Caryophyllene? Everything to Know, 2022)

Even the sharp, nature-like scent itself is enough for it to serve as a tool for relieving stress and calming the mind by stimulating the limbic system, where our behaviors and moods are regulated; the process is called aromatherapy.

Prodigy Made In A Week

College hit really hard for Susey as she was bombarded with countless assignments to the point that she couldn’t keep up with her own social life. At some nights, she wouldn’t even be able to sleep at all due to stress and anxiety about the next day; insomnia was slowly taking over her life.

The following is her 10-day journey with Glistone™.

Day 1

After the first whiff of Glistone™, her mind was already being jolted awake by the sharp and fruity scent. It was slowly enhancing her mood and motivation to absorb new information.

Day 3

With surprisingly fast results, her determination and passion for engineering were reignited; she started becoming more and more enthusiastic about classes while also managing her social life on the side. The surge of energy allowed her to keep in touch with close friends as she made even more connections around the campus.

Day 5

After just a week of introducing Glistone™ into her life, her grades started skyrocketing. She was learning new information and facts every single day without showing any signs of fatigue. Her focus was so intense that she could do advance calculus while walking through a busy hallway; no one can stop her from achieving greatness now.

Day 7

She eventually managed to graduate with flying colors, good enough to be hired by NASA themselves. All while finishing the whole degree within just two years. Now she can finally live her life to the fullest without worrying about brain fog and confusion, using the help of Glistone™.

According to recent surveys, up to 70 million Americans today suffer from some sort of sleep disorder, with 35% of adults getting less than the recommended amount of sleep each night. Let the statistics stop here and allow your mind to rest up for a better and livelier future.

Let’s take a breather with Glistone™, click on the link below for more information.

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